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Volunteering is one of the ways that people give back to the community. Volunteers are often busy professional people who are not looking to change the world, but are asking themselves how they can improve practical things and see measurable results. Many organizations could not run major events or programs without the participation of dedicated volunteers. Here is where a strong and respectful leadership is needed to recruit, train and retain volunteers.

Hospice and Hospital Volunteer Leadership

Within the volunteer sector are those unique people who volunteer to work among the sick and dying. These volunteers have different and special motivations. I recognize that training needs to be adapted to respond to the special skills these environments require, including compassionate communication. I deliver this special training for leaders working with these volunteers.

Presentation Formats:

  • one 90-minute workshop
  • three 90-minute workshops -continuous workshops should be delivered 2 weeks apart in order to test the ideas and report on progress
  • one 3-hour workshop
  • one-on-one coaching sessions -see Executive Career Coaching

With my Volunteer Leadership Training you will:

  • recruit the best volunteers for your needs by selling your program in the right places within diverse communities

  • work well in understaffed and challenging volunteer situations

  • set goals with the input of your volunteers and make the goals realistic

  • give your volunteers a unified sense of purpose and a sense of team

  • give your volunteers a sense of empowerment by on-going training and responsibility

  • give your volunteers the praise and acknowledgement they deserve, all the time

  • develop communication strategies that volunteers need to keep them informed and involved

  • avoid losing your volunteers through burn-out by nurturing your volunteers on an individual and group basis

  • be courageous and caring about doing your job�believe in your volunteers -you hired them- and in yourself

If ever stressed-out corporate America could use a little couch-time, it's now. Trust in big companies is at an all-time low. Baby-boomers have been burned; Gen Xers aren't expecting the corporation to take care of them. Under the circumstances, employees are much likelier to go outside and get independent advice to help them be better managers.
- Karen Cates, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management

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