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Millions of dollars are spent on employee retention and development; we all want to keep our best players. Most employees are looking for organizations that truly believe in balancing work and life; your top players will demand this. There are many programs that you can look at to improve your game plan with your team: benefits and rewards, technical and soft-skill training, flex schedules, and coaching.

Presentation Formats:

  • one 90-minute workshop
  • three 90-minute workshops -continuous workshops should be delivered 2 weeks apart in order to test the ideas and report on progress
  • one 3-hour workshop
  • a 60-90 minute presentation -topics can be combined in this presentation
  • one-on-one coaching sessions -see Executive Career Coaching

With my Talent Management Training you will:

  • master the art of using Emotional Intelligence to pick the best players and keep them

  • create a workplace that brings out the best in your team

  • communicate effectively with your team

  • understand employee goals in order to tailor game plans

  • create recognition and rewards incentives to reward your hard-playing team

In corporate America today, the sign that you have truly arrived - or at least that you are being groomed for arrival - is an executive coach. Your own personal coach, that is. Even if the coach's assignment is to render you less obnoxious, his or her presence at your elbow signals that you are regarded by the company as entirely too valuable to fire or shoot.
- Training

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