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Sometimes you need a meeting or a retreat to work on a particular game plan. It could be problem-solving, visioning, strategic planning, team-building�or a combination of these. You need somebody to facilitate this, a coach and an umpire in the same body.

In the game-planning stages, I will help you:
  • design a winnable game: develop the vision for the purpose, goals and outcomes of the meeting

  • plan the skills of the game: group activities and technological tools that will support the outcomes

  • play the game: match the meeting activities to specific outcomes

  • manage the game: avoid derailing conversations and conflict situations by moderating the meeting

In the follow-up stage, I will:
  • keep a scorecard: capture key information, ideas and decisions that result from the meeting

  • evaluate the progress: determine the effectiveness of the meeting in achieving the goals by conducting meeting evaluations

  • suggest next steps and a game plan for continuing the progress of the game

Inside every successful businessperson is an even more ambitious one trying to get out. He or she just needs a little help,
- Someone To Watch Over You, Australian Financial Review

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