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Health Care Work Environment Challenges
  • unpredictable and inflexible scheduling with excessive overtime

  • increased absenteeism, high staff turnover, impaired staff decision-making due to workload and stress

  • demographic time bomb,  rapidly aging health care workforce

  • health, safety and security concerns exemplified during SARS

  • stress of front line life and death decisions on a daily basis

  • too many staff reporting to one nurse manager

  • few opportunities for leadership and professional development

  • nursing's historical lack of influence at the governance level of many hospitals

  • loss of medical staff to other organizations they see as better environments and more lucrative

Resulting in:
  • compassion fatigue, caring for others without regard for self

  • patient deaths known as failures to rescue

  • absence of positive leadership skills, leading to staff dissatisfaction

  • staff and leadership burnout  a type of depression characterized by fatigue,

  • apathy, declining productivity and effectiveness,

  • negative feelings about work, career and life.

  • burnout is often accompanied by illness, absenteeism, increased substance abuse and personal relationship difficulties.

In summary, it is not humanly possible to consistently provide positive leadership to a very large number of staff, while at the same time ensuring the effective and efficient operation of a large unit on a daily basis.

How do you win in this situation?

The winners in the health care system are those who:
  • create a culture of caring for the workforce as well as for the patients and communities

  • invest long term in assisting staff to be career resilient, to reinvent themselves, to keep pace with change in good and bad times.

  • believe that those who serve others DESERVE the best leadership

  • understand and use Emotional Intelligence in their leadership

  • lead from the heart, with courage and caring, and practice Positive Leadership

  • follow the 14 characteristics of Magnet health care organizations that best recruit and retain staff

My Health Care Leadership Training will teach you:
  • workplace solutions for nursing human resources in Canada

  • emotional intelligence for health care managers

  • the characteristics of resilient people who survive and win in challenging work and life games

  • how to create and retain your winning professional team of health care professionals

Presentation Formats:
  • one 90-minute workshop
  • three 90-minute workshops -continuous workshops should be delivered 2 weeks apart in order to test the ideas and report on progress
  • one 3-hour workshop
  • one-on-one coaching sessions -see Executive Coaching

Judith has a way of energizing everyone around her. She has been invaluable to me as a coach while our organization has been experiencing major changes. She understands medicine and the demands placed on managers every day.
- Manager, Major Medical Centre Outpatient Clinic

Judith Gabor is an inspirational coach who understands health care and the importance of staff morale in the creation of a positive health care setting .She is a great motivator for bringing out the best in staff and management. Judith is also a dynamic and engaging speaker, as well as a caring and understanding workshop leader. She is a much needed asset to today�s demanding health care environment where the workload is constantly increasing and the resources are not increasing to meet those needs.
- Peter Lewin, MD, FRCPC, Hospital for Sick Children Staff Physician with the Canadian Armed Forces, Honourary Physician to Queen Elizabeth during her visits to Toronto

Judith Gabor was outstanding as the coach for our management team during a major technological and organizational change in our large and very busy clinic. Her ability to work with our team on emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationship building, leadership and staff resilience resulted in a smooth transition and no staff loss. I have no hesitation in recommending Judith as an outstanding asset to any health care setting large or small.
- Peter Samu MD, FRCPC, Medical Director - Rosedale Radiology and Ultrasound Toronto, Assistant Professor of Medicine - University of Toronto

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