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Group Coaching is an opportunity to interact with other individuals in a group setting that is structured around a common interest or goal. Each participant in a Group Coaching setting receives individual coaching from the Coach, while benefiting from the input of the other group participants.

Group Coaching works because:
  • years of combined experience, knowledge, wisdom and perspective from the participants and the Coach are available to you
  • you draw from the support and wisdom of the other participants to help you break through the barriers that have limited your success
  • a sense of community, established from the experience of sharing deeply meaningful challenges accelerates the learning and growth
  • you network with other successful, experienced professionals who can leverage their network to introduce and help you
  • you participate in a safe learning environment in which the participants respect confidentiality
  • it is affordable, effective and efficient

Group Coaching Format:
  • maximum of 4 individuals, with a particular structure, focus or theme in mind, are formed as a coaching group
  • coaching group meetings are conducted over the telephone using tele-conferencing technology called bridges.
  • coaching groups meet 2 times per month for 75 minutes with the calls generally scheduled on the same day of each week and at the same time of the day
  • each session begins with a check-in and update from each participant and is followed with questions and answers, experience and resource sharing, open coaching and discussion on the topic of the week. Each session concludes with action commitments from each participant.
  • each session concludes with action commitments from each participant.

The benefits we've seen in our experience and in talking with others who have implemented coaching include positive behavior change and enhanced skills and knowledge.
- Training & Development

Coaching is not about the past or figuring out why and how life got so complicated or overwhelming. It is about moving forward on the things that matter most to you, dissolving barriers and blocks to your own success, and designing a life that you love.

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