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Executive Career coaching is based on my research-driven model of coaching designed to inspire excellence in your game. It is a personalized, one-on-one developmental game plan for you, the mid- to senior-level executive who is preparing for a greater scope of responsibility and wants to make a leap forward in leadership capability. It is a plan that will teach you about yourself, where you are headed and how best to get there.

With my coaching, you will

  • learn how to enhance and use your  Emotional Intelligence
  • put your heart, soul and energy into playing the game and enjoy the process. It's all about moving energy!
  • go into the game with a clear idea about what you want to do and the game plan to get it done.
  • play the game with enthusiasm and enjoy it.
  • be aware of what is happening the game. The game will guide you and pull you forward.
  • respond to challenges and setbacks with grace and resourcefulness.
  • learn from what happened and did not happen
  • ask what you can do to play better next time
  • play to win!
I establish a clear agreement with you and, if desired, your organization�s representative about how the coaching will unfold. I also establish a full confidentiality agreement with you and your organization if the organization is sponsoring the coaching

Coaching Formats:

  • in-person goal-setting and strategy development sessions
  • ongoing coaching utilizing a variety of media that could include: in-person, telephone, or cyber coaching via e-mail
  • on-site observation shadowing can be included, if desired
  • customized reassessment of progress towards goals at six-month intervals
  • typically structured to last 12 months or longer, with a three-month minimum

Judith helped clarify my vision and goals within the organization; from that point onwards, she has given me on-going skills to sharpen these elements.
- CEO, government agency

Coaching is an investment that brings returns many times over in terms of teaching managers the important people skills that retain staff. The cost of replacing one executive is far more than the cost of coaching this executive.
- C.A., Managing Partner

Even if executive coaching costs $50K (which it doesn't), it's barely a rounding error to invest in the coaching of a key player who has responsibility for millions of dollars and for key human resources. Coaching is a success if one direct report, who used to be intimidated to speak up, comes up with an innovative idea.
- CEO, Fortune 100 Company

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